360Wellness Answers Community Questions About Combining Wellness and Blockchain Technology

As part of an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the 360Wellness team answered a series of questions from users on Twitter and Telegram.

What exactly is 360Wellness?

DEFIT is the upcoming cryptocurrency that will be fully integrated into our ecosystem as a credible alternative to fiat currencies. It grants access to health and fitness services and products.

We truly believe it is a game changer. By incorporating the benefits of blockchain technology in the app with gamification, we will have a platform like no other and a serious competitive advantage over everyone else.

What are the features of your platform?

(Denis, Chief Digital Officer and Crypto Lead) What we have built so far is an integrated wellness app where you can connect and join trainers for live virtual classes to stay fit and healthy from your home. But we didn’t stop there. We also built a revolutionary lifestyle tracker where you can monitor how well you train, feel, eat, and sleep — all in one app.

Our platform features live virtual classes with trainers. You can access this daily with different selections of fitness such as HIIT, Muay Thai, Kpopx, dance, and Facial Fitness. We plan on upgrading this and scaling up to many more classes along with trainers from all around the world.

It also lets you browse through the list of upcoming events, find the most adored health and fitness professionals, and register for events to receive calendar invitations. Every event a member joins contributes to their wellness journey. These benefits are directly added onto the wellness tracker and get the user one step closer to their goals.

What are the main points on your roadmap? Are there any short-term partnerships and technical milestones to which you wish to refer or draw attention?

(Kevin) We started to build the platform back in February 2020 and soft launched our mobile application last October. We’ve had over 3,000 downloads across 172 countries since then — which has been amazing!

With our ready-to-scale technology and proven business model, we are now getting ready to scale and ramp up our marketing and sales activities. We are also activating our blockchain integration project which will be an integral part of our ecosystem.

We have two big crypto partners for the introduction of DEFIT [360Wellness’ native token]. We like to work with the best, and these partnerships will be announced very soon…

(Denis, Chief Digital Officer and Crypto Lead) They are well known coins in the crypto space! I think people will be pleased about who they are.

Will you also focus on the Asian market, as it harbors a very strong base for cryptocurrency projects ?

This is something we have thought about a lot. Currently, we have set up many AMAs with Indonesian, Indian, Vietnamese, and Filipino groups and are making sure our South East Asia presence is there. Our top downloads are from these regions and we see many people from here are also involved in crypto. So we look forward to having these countries and communities onboard with us!

Which areas are you focused on at the moment? (e.g. DeFi, NFT, dApps, staking, yield farming..)

Right now, we are focused on staking and NFTs.

When it comes to staking, we have an amazing partner who is in the top 300 ranking of coins and has many projects using their staking services. We look forward to bringing staking to the DEFIT community not long after the sale is complete.

For NFTs, we are looking to incorporate them into the application. These NFTs will actually evolve alongside your persona as an athlete. More info on this will be available after the sale!

Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you audit it via an external party?

Yes, we have had to do a mandatory audit with our sales partner. They are making sure any projects that are on their launchpad are fully audited and they even make sure they are the ones working on the smart contract, to ensure there is no chance of bugs impacting the community. This was one of the main reasons we partnered with them.

What is one way users will get rewarded on the app with DEFIT?

Users are rewarded DEFIT for referring friends, completing achievements related to fitness goals, and through airdrops.

More about the project

360Fitness were winners of Pitchdeck Asia Awards last year! Over 600 companies from Asia were a part of this competition and we came out on top in all categories! We are happy to have been awarded this prestigious achievement.

We were also featured and acknowledged by the top world fitness leaders at the 2020 Asia pacific FIT SUMMIT that took place in Singapore last December.

Our main vision is to bring the large fitness community onto the blockchain ecosystem with our live virtual classes mobile application with top fitness influencers, Instagram models, and crypto influencers!

Our private sales will be coming in Q1 of 2021 with two special mid-cap highly-hyped coins! The public sale will follow shortly after and this will be followed by the listing and launch of the coin in early Q2. Stay tuned for more details coming in the next month related to how you can participate.

Our product is already live! If you haven’t already, download our mobile application 360Wellness and discover our amazing offering of live virtual classes on both iOS and Android.




The #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency🔥 Bringing the fitness Fitness world onto the Blockchain. #move2earn #defit #web3 #digitalfitness

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DEFIT | Digital Fitness

DEFIT | Digital Fitness

The #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency🔥 Bringing the fitness Fitness world onto the Blockchain. #move2earn #defit #web3 #digitalfitness

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