360Wellness: Wellness for Everyone

The path to wellness has been guarded by expensive costs and barriers to entry that prevent everyday people from being able to improve their wellbeing.

360Wellness is a solution that allows everyone to be physically active and improve their overall health and outlook — regardless of their budget or location. Developed by an award-winning tech startup based in Singapore, the project utilizes cutting edge technologies to guide its users on an affordable step-by-step path towards wellness.

In order to motivate users towards better living, 360Wellness has collaborated with sports researchers and industry leaders to develop their revolutionary platform. The free app features an innovative wellness tracker which allows users to monitor their training, sleep, eating, and emotions. This information is used to calculate a user’s WLNS™ score, which improves alongside their wellbeing. The app provides educational content and guides that prompt users on how to improve their score and enjoy a more content lifestyle.

In addition, the app is home to 360Wellness’ live virtual class marketplace, which grants users access to hundreds of trainers across Southeast Asia, alongside a plethora of virtual integrated classes. These services enable everyday people to access wellness from anywhere in the world. A small collection of classes offered to global users on our platform include:

  • HIIT workouts
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Mental coaching

Health and fitness professionals benefit from 360Wellness’ complete business management solution. It empowers professionals with the ability to grow their revenue by offering pay-as-you-go classes and services to a global user base of motivated individuals.

Through 360Wellness, users and professionals can transform their homes into fitness studios allowing them to improve their wellbeing while helping others do the same. Users can instantly register for virtual live classes offered by professionals on the app, and broadcast live lessons to their smartphone or TV.

360Wellness is powered by a native blockchain token known as DEFIT. Through a gamified approach to improving their wellbeing, users can earn tokens by referring new users or completing tasks on the app. Investors will be able to receive an annual percentage yield (APY) based on how many DEFIT tokens they hold per month. In addition, a staking fee is collected and burned every three months, and 10% of profits are used to buy tokens which are either burnt or reinvested in development and marketing.

By establishing a one-of-a-kind global community centered around health and wellness, 360Wellness is destroying the barriers for entry that once prevented people from giving their health the care and maintenance it deserves. Named the Asian Startup of the Year in 2020 by Pitch Deck Asia, 360Wellness is developed by a multicultural team of experienced professionals who are utilizing innovative technology in order to make the world a better and healthier place for everyone.




The #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency🔥 Bringing the fitness Fitness world onto the Blockchain. #move2earn #defit #web3 #digitalfitness

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DEFIT | Digital Fitness

DEFIT | Digital Fitness

The #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency🔥 Bringing the fitness Fitness world onto the Blockchain. #move2earn #defit #web3 #digitalfitness

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