Welcome to the game-changing community for the Next Generation of Digital Fitness!

DEFIT was first created by its parent company 360Wellness to become its native token. It offers exclusive benefits and rewards to stay fit and healthy and a credible alternative to fiat currency payments. This vision has gracefully evolved…

DEFIT Community,

Following the recent successes of DEFIT’s migration to Polygon Network, the launch of the token bridge with Ferrum Network, and Quickswap listing, DEFIT has further released new staking pools for its users.


Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is a multichain cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum and Polygon Network. DEFIT aspires…

DEFIT | Digital Fitness

The #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency🔥 Disrupting the Fitness Industry by bringing the world of Sport and Fitness onto the Blockchain. $DEFIT

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