DEFIT Brings Health and Fitness Community onto the Blockchain

DEFIT Community,

Last week, DEFIT Technology presented the rebranding of DEFIT on top of the mission to revolutionize the fitness industry through the utilization of blockchain technology. To read about the reconstruction of DEFIT’s game-changing fitness community, visit here.

As the world grows exponentially with its technological developments, many fitness enthusiasts and advocates are constantly looking to bring virtual fitness and health along with the rise. The lock-down measures this past year have propulsed the fitness industry into a new era. With diminished access to the fitness centers and training facilities all around the world people have been forced to find alternative ways to stay fit and healthy and massively embraced online fitness. Those who did never want to look back. It is more convenient and reliable for both users and trainers to have personal access to their fitness routine virtually, anywhere.

“85% of Americans agree that there are convenience and accessibility benefits to at- home workouts that they can’t get working out in a gym. 87% intend to continue a hybrid mix of workouts even when gyms will reopen.”

— Wakefield Research

The online fitness industry is projected to grow at a record of 33.1% CAGR over the next 5 years to become a $59.2B industry.

2000–2010: Commerce goes digital (Amazon, eBay, Shopify)

2011–2020: Media goes digital (Spotify, Netflix, Roku Inc.)

2021–2030: Health, Wellness & Fitness goes digital (Apple, Peloton, Zwift)

360Wellness is a unique and innovative wellness live classes marketplace launched last October 2020 in beta mode and already downloaded across 172 countries. Building a powerful streak of online solutions to empower health and fitness professionals to enhance their online coaching business by enabling live streaming, on demand booking, and pre-recorded workout videos.

But what makes the platform truly stand out is their strategic initiative to integrate $DEFIT, the #1 Digital Fitness Cryptocurrency within their ecosystem. DEFIT in-app wallet will enable in-app gamification, enhance user privacy, and build user loyalty through staking and exclusive benefits. By the implementation of the $DEFIT token, users will be able to experience the full fusing of fitness and blockchain. This integration will ensure improved data security, elimination of intermediaries, and facilitation of cryptocurrencies through an enhanced health and fitness system. A first step towards achieving our vision to bring the Fitness World onto the Blockchain.

“$DEFIT is the first of its kind Digital Fitness cryptocurrency. Its upcoming integration within the 360Wellness web/and mobile ecosystem will drive mass adoption by the fitness world and reveal to our industry peers a myriad of opportunities made possible by embracing blockchain technology.”

— Kevin Serou, CEO of DEFIT Technology

With its growing community, DEFIT Technology is providing $DEFIT as its digital currency to be utilized as a more secure, reliable, and quick transactional ecosystem specifically built for the sport and fitness industry.

The 360Wellness application is only the first adopter of DEFIT and many more partnerships are in the making.

Last month, Kevin Serou was a guest speaker at the World Wellness Summit that took place in Singapore to spread awareness about DEFIT and explain why Fitness and Blockchain make a perfect combination.

Furthermore, $DEFIT will push the momentum forward by adopting plans to participate in Hype Innovation Sports’ NFT Program. Hype’s Global Virtual Accelerator is nurturing partnerships between sports tech startups and the biggest clubs and brands in the game: PSG, Miami Dolphins, FIBA, LAFC, River Plate, and more!

Hype Sports Innovation

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This is just the beginning of the digital fitness revolution, Join us now!


DEFIT is the #1 Digital Fitness cryptocurrency built specifically to bring the Fitness World on the blockchain. This project has been successfully launched last April via YFDAI Finance launchpad and is incubated by FERRUM Network. Together they aim to disrupt the Fitness Industry and build the next generation of digital wellness.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | TikTok | Uniswap

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