DEFIT Emerges with New Plans on the Horizon

DEFIT Community,

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at an impressive rate as technological innovations constantly emerge. With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more mainstream, the modern world naturally expects technological advancements to step up their game. Although several dApps (DeFi applications) and blockchain protocols have been successful thus far, the fitness industry still lacks a bridge to blockchain which will facilitate the mass adoption revolution that we anticipate.

DEFIT is leading the fitness and health revolution; in the past month, we introduced a Ferrum Network token bridge and its Polygon and Quickswap launch. Although still in the early stages, DEFIT will continue to be the construction that supports the digital fitness industry.

How can $DEFIT advance mass adoption?

“Mass adoption means governments globally have created an enabling environment for blockchain and cryptocurrency to flourish or adopted the technology in their practices, whether it’s blockchain-as-a-service for intergovernmental transactions, BTC or ETH-based futures contracts or central-bank issued digital currencies.”

— CoinTelegraph

Mass adoption requires a majority to be on the same page. For a traditionally centralized structure to enable decentralized systems to transform, a convincing blockchain protocol has to function as the bridge. $DEFIT connects blockchain users to the present fitness industry and vice versa. The full-circle system can easily transform the current fitness industry into a more accessible and affordable lifestyle for participants all across the spectrum.

There are a few objectives to look forward to in the next components of DEFIT’s action plan. Following DEFIT’s recent successes with the Ferrum and Polygon Networks, the upcoming targets will include strategies to transfer massive benefits to users.

Upcoming Plans:

  • $DEFIT Wallet integration
  • Launch of first use case concept; Purchase, Earn, Spend $DEFIT
  • AMAs
  • New CEX listing
  • Phase 2 & 3 Partnerships
  • DEFIT NFT launch
  • DEFIT Credit & Access card integration
  • DEFIT E-commerce integration

With many exciting plans coming up on the horizon, the DEFIT team is working tirelessly to ensure its digital fitness phenomenon takes off seamlessly. We are still in the beginning stages of this revolution. However, with our growing team and family of dedicated supporters, we will surely reach our goals.

*The DEFIT team always appreciates our supporters’ dedication to our project. We are constantly pushing out updates and news on our Telegram, so be sure to follow our channel if you haven’t yet.


Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is a multichain cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum and Polygon Network. DEFIT aspires to become the #1 cryptocurrency for the global sport and fitness community through its upcoming integration within the 360Wellness marketplace offering a secure, reliable, and credible alternative to traditional payment solutions for consumer health and fitness products and services. DEFIT users will experience the interoperability of blockchain technology and conventional ecosystems while promoting advanced fitness standards and receiving rewards.

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