DEFIT Hosts Airdrop Giveaway and Leads as #1 Cryptocurrency for Digital Fitness

The DEFIT team has announced some significant updates for both the $DEFIT digital currency integration as well as its parent digital fitness application, 360Wellness. With the team working hard behind the scenes, DEFIT’s ambitious plans and objectives are in action!

First and foremost, the $DEFIT Airdrop Giveaway is now LIVE! The Giveaway will take place for one entire week, starting from 9th of July 2021 to the 16th of July 2021.

Enter Giveaway!

To qualify for the giveaway, users must sign up and complete the tasks — with each additional tasks rewarding extra submission (s). NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. To enter the DEFIT Giveaway, please visit here.

As a recap, in the month of June, 360Wellness was featured on Tech Times as an upcoming rising fitness app. The article summarized the importance of the application’s integration of digital fitness and blockchain technology.

“Many Blockchain-based applications have been previously designed to address issues in the traditional health and fitness industry. Unfortunately, they are yet to see the light of day because they failed to meet all of the requirements a modern user demands. 360Wellness is revolutionizing digital fitness. Without adopting blockchain in all essential areas, the idea of creating a fair economy can never be realized.”

— Tech Times

Following Tech Times’ feature, DEFIT was also given a spotlight on IHODL where DEFIT was recognized to enhance “unique and decentralized wellness live marketplace concept” for the fitness industry.

“…the few people who doubted cryptocurrencies’ potential are now heavily endorsing and supporting projects entirely based on crypto. Just like, $DEFIT (Digital Fitness), a unique and decentralized wellness live marketplace concept. A suite of powerful web and mobile solutions connecting people with health and fitness professionals across the world.”


The crypto community on Twitter have also been recognizing $DEFIT as its true potential. With over 60,000 Twitter followers, Project Promoter known as ‘TheWonderGirl4’ has selected $DEFIT as the number one Uniswap coin for Gem Ratings in CryptoGraph.

$DEFIT #1 Gem Rating on Cryptograph

Shortly after $DEFIT was promoted as the #1 Uniswap coin for Gem Ratings, the DEFIT Team also pitched to HYPE Innovation Sports partners to offer their NFT and blockchain solutions to bring the sport and fitness world onto the Blockchain.

With many exciting updates for the 360Wellness application and $DEFIT integration coming up on the horizon, fitness enthusiasts should consider jumping onto the train before it is too late. You can download the 360Wellness app here on both the App Store as well as Google Play.

To be a part of DEFIT’s development, make sure to follow and subscribe to all of our social platforms for the most recent updates. You may also purchase the $DEFIT token at a starting price on:




is the #1 cryptocurrency for digital fitness. It serves its own digital currency as a secured, reliable, and fast transactional payment alternative to fiat currencies for its online fitness community. By dodging all complications related to multi-currency portfolio management, DEFIT will enable risks of the traditional bank and store fees of digital goods as well as offering physical services. This will enable in-app gamification, enhance user privacy, and build user loyalty through staking and exclusive benefits.

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