DEFIT Launches on Polygon Network and is Now Tradable on Quickswap

DEFIT Community,

We are excited to announce that DEFIT is now live on Polygon!

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Being one of the largest blockchain networks, Polygon attracts a range of audiences with its economical gas fees and accelerated block deployment time.

This integration with Polygon enables DEFIT to complete another milestone and progress with its roadmap of objectives and plans. With DEFIT now being multichain with Polygon, users may experience the adaptability and scalability of alt chains.

This milestone has significant importance as we strive towards delivering our vision to bring the Fitness World onto the Blockchain. We are integrating a DEFIT wallet at the heart of the 360Wellness ecosystem, allowing people to consume Health and Fitness products and services (E.g., live fitness classes, yoga, meditation, PT sessions, purchase of sports products and accessories, etc.) globally via cryptocurrency payments in-app. DEFIT plans to offer a fast, secured, low-transaction-fee payment alternative to traditional payment gateways such as Apple, Google, and Stripe API payment integration.

We are pioneers in the space and paving the way to crypto mass adoption by a Trillion Dollars industry.

$DEFIT launched 11.5M total supply available on Polygon

In conformity with our recent community DAO Vote, we have removed 1.5M DEFIT token liquidity on Safeswap and Uniswap- totaling 3M in total max supply. Furthermore, we have rolled with the burning of this ERC20 liquidity in addition to another 8.5M DEFIT Tokens on ERC20 to move and deploy our new Polygon token contract of 11.5M total supply without increasing the fixed supply of 50,000,000 DEFIT.

DEFIT → Polygon Timeline:

9/28/21- Liquidity removal from Uniswap:


9/28/21- Liquidity removal from Safeswap


9/27/21- 8.5M $DEFIT ERC20 token burned

Burn tx:

9/28/21- 3M $DEFIT ERC20 token burned

Burn tx:

We are excited to advance to the next level, with many plans on the way. The DEFIT team would like to thank its community and the Polygon team for pushing us to revolutionize the digital fitness industry together.

DEFIT is now live for trading on Quickswap

  • Buy DEFIT on Quickswap here!

Following our recent main net deployment on the Polygon network, we are thrilled to announce that we are now live for trading on Quickswap. A new ETH/DEFIT pair has been added with over 310KUSD in liquidity.

Quickswap users are increasing exponentially at a rapid pace. As of June 14, DappRadar announced that the exchange had attracted more than 100,000 unique wallet addresses with 2.65 million transactions. With Quickswap’s active and steady growth, users are quickly transitioning to the application.

DEFIT → Quickswap timeline

9/28/21- Liquidity removal from Uniswap


9/28/21- Liquidity removal from Safeswap


9/28/21- Added liquidity on Quickswap

Liquidity tx:

DEFIT Receives Polygon Grant

To conclude the wonderful news, DEFIT has been granted by the Polygon. DEFIT plans to utilize the grant to develop full-stack scaling- solutions further and grow its economic system.

We are excited to advance to the next level, with many plans on the way. The DEFIT team would like to thank its community and Polygon team for pushing us to revolutionize the digital fitness industry together.

About Polygon

Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 700+ applications hosted, ~600M total transactions processed, ~60M unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.

If you’re an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your Dapp; get started here.

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About Quickswap

QuickSwap is a Layer 2 DEX powered by the Polygon Network, promising fast transactions with a low amount of gas fees, being the largest AMM DEX in the Polygon.

QuickSwap is the biggest AMM DEX in the Polygon Ecosystem.

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Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is a multichain cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum and Polygon Network. DEFIT aspires to become the #1 cryptocurrency for the global sport and fitness community through its upcoming integration within the 360Wellness marketplace offering a secure, reliable, and credible alternative to traditional payment solutions for consumer health and fitness products and services. DEFIT users will experience the interoperability of blockchain technology and conventional ecosystems while promoting advanced fitness standards and receiving rewards.

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The #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency🔥 Bringing the fitness Fitness world onto the Blockchain. #move2earn #defit #web3 #digitalfitness

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DEFIT | Digital Fitness

DEFIT | Digital Fitness

The #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency🔥 Bringing the fitness Fitness world onto the Blockchain. #move2earn #defit #web3 #digitalfitness

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