DEFIT Leads the Fitness Industry Towards a Bright Future

DEFIT Community,

With Blockchain technology empowering many creative innovations and new world products, DEFIT is joining the early train to transform the future of the fitness industry. Presently, Blockchain has impacted many sectors of technology and will continue to only expand in a matter of time. The rapid evolvement of Blockchain technology can persuade the involvement of the fitness industry to thrive in its many benefits.

DEFIT is revolutionizing the world of health and fitness by bringing the fitness industry onto the Blockchain. The DEFIT token is built to support the mission of mass adoption into cryptocurrencies and its usability within the fitness industry.

Here are some highly-valued benefits of the $DEFIT token:

  • Data Privacy
  • Affordability
  • Use of Cryptocurrency
  • Elimination of third-party intermediaries
  • E-Commerce Support
  • In-App Gamification

What does the future of fitness look like?

Regarding COVID-19 and its negative effects of indefinite lockdowns and lifestyle restrictions, more people are compelled to perform their daily activities remotely.

With many companies changing their availabilities, gymnasiums and fitness centers are expected to change their ways of operating. According to IHRSA (The Global Health and Fitness Association), “more than one out of five fitness facilities had already closed permanently by June 2021”. The downfall of health and fitness businesses demanded a modification within the traditional fitness industry.

From now on, users are more likely to utilize digital fitness applications, such as 360Wellness (a decentralized live wellness marketplace concept), rather than attend in-person gym sessions that are also priced at much higher prices. Although it is positive that the option to do so will always be there, it might not be the most preferred method given the many benefits digital fitness offers.

DEFIT To Lead the Digital Fitness Industry

Aside from catering towards a massive demand of digitalization of the fitness industry, DEFIT serves a multitude of beneficial features and use cases. With a range of fitness applications facing charges today for hiding data breaches from the public, there is a huge demand for integrating blockchain technology into fitness technologies. Additionally, DEFIT enables more security for users’ data and fitness information through the power of blockchain.

Bringing the fitness industry onto the blockchain also enables users to spend less money with the ability to earn more. With many fitness memberships costing enormous monthly rates, the $DEFIT token will function as its method of payment with no-contract memberships. The decentralized concept will also attract users from a range of spectrums given its ability for gamification through a dedicated rewards system.

With the DEFIT token’s support of blockchain-powered applications, users may gain direct access to their tokens, products, trainers, and many more. DEFIT is revolutionizing the fitness industry by providing fitness enthusiasts, advocates, and users worldwide the chance to gain personal fitness freedom.

DEFIT is the #1 Digital Fitness Cryptocurrency built specifically to bring the Fitness World onto the blockchain- offering a secure, reliable, and credible alternative to traditional payment solutions for consumer health and fitness product and services. Users will be able to utilize DEFIT incentives earned within the 360Wellness app in real-world transactions, enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional ecosystems while promoting advanced fitness standards and rewarding fitness enthusiasts from all over the world.

This project was successfully launched last April via YFDAI Finance launchpad and is incubated by FERRUM Network.

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